fritteli's overlay of Gentoo ebuilds.
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fritteli's Gentoo overlay

Gentoo overlay with some ebuilds that I found either outdated or missing in the official repository or in other overlays. Ebuilds are usually removed from this overlay whenever I find a version available in the official tree or in another overlay (provided I'm satisfied with them).

Build status of the master branch, as seen by repoman -p -x: Build Status

Using with plain (recent) Portage

Create a new config file under /etc/portage/repos.conf/fritteli.conf with the following contents:

auto-sync = yes
location = /usr/local/portage/overlays/fritteli
sync-type = git
sync-uri =

You may adapt the location attribute to your system's own setup.

If you prefer to use the overlay hostet at GitHub (which tends to be more stable but less up-to-date than the one hosted at, you may use for the sync-uri.

Using with Layman

You may also use layman to manage this overlay. If you choose this method, you will be using the overlay hosted at GitHub.

For detailed information regarding layman, please refer to the official documentation. This section only covers the process in a very brief manner.

If you haven't used layman yet, just install it running this command:

USE="git sync-plugin-portage" emerge layman

Then you can add this overlay wih:

layman -a fritteli

You will be prompted for confirmation because this is an experimental overlay. Just continue by hitting y.

Keep the overlay up to date from Git:

layman -s fritteli

Bug reports and ebuild requests

If you find a bug in an ebuild, encounter a build error or would like me to add a new ebuild, please open an issue on GitHub or on


I gladly accept pull requests for bugs or new ebuilds. Before opening a pull request, please make sure your changes don't upset repoman. Run the following command and fix warnings and errors:

repoman -x -p



Thanks go to Jakub Jirutka, the maintainer of the CVUT Overlay, from whom I shamelessly copied this for a start.